Suzanne McCahan, PhD
Primary Title: Assistant Research Scientist
Bio: Dr. McCahan came to Nemours from Fox Chase Cancer Center where she was a postdoctoral associate. Currently, she is an assistant research scientist in Nemours Biomedical Research. She is also a research assistant professor at Thomas Jefferson Medical College. She and H. Timothy Bunnell, PhD formed the nucleus of the Nemours Bioinformatics Core Facility when it began in 2003. Dr. McCahan’s research includes use of genomics to understand and treat childhood diseases such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, cryptorchidism and rare genetic disorders. Currently this includes using microarrays and high throughput sequencing to examine global gene expression, DNA copy number variation and single nucleotide polymorphism. In addition, she engages in development of custom applications for data management management and administrates the Nemours installation of REDCap.