Aghai, Zubair MD, FAAP Neonatologist
Akins, Robert PhD Director – Center for Pediatric Clinical Research and Development
Atanda, Alfred MD Orthopaedic Surgeon
Axsmith, Denise BA, MBA Sr. Budget/Financial Analyst – Research
Barthold, Julia MD Principal Research Scientist
Barwe, Sonali PhD Senior Research Scientist
Brent, Robert MD, PhD, DSc Head – Clinical & Environmental Teratology
Brescia, AnneMarie MD Rheumatologist
Bunnell, H Timothy PhD Director of Bioinformatics
Butchbach, Matthew PhD Head – Motor Neuron Diseases Research Laboratory
Chidekel, Aaron MD Chief – Division of Pulmonary Medicine – Wilmington
Fawcett, Paul MS, Ph.D Director – Center for Clinical Diagnostics
Funanage, Vicky PhD Operational Vice President, Research – Nemours Children’s Health System
Gidding, Samuel MD Chief of Cardiology
Glazewski, Lisa MS Research Lab Manager
Gray, Barbara BA, CPM Administrative Manager
Greenspan, Jay MD Chairman – Dept. of Pediatrics
Hobson, Grace MEd, PhD Head – Neurogenetics Research Laboratory
Holbrook, Jennifer BS
Hossain, Md PhD Director, Biostatistics Program /Senior Research Scientist, Biomed Research
Kazak, Anne PhD, ABPP Enterprise Director, Center for Healthcare Delivery Science
Kolb, Edward MD Director – Blood & Bone Marrow Transplantation (BBMT) – HEM/ONC
Langhans, Sigrid PhD Head – Cancer Epigenetics Research Laboratory
Lawless, Stephen MD Enterprise VP Quality and Safety
Ma, Zhengyu MBBS, MS, PhD Research Scientist
Marrs, Lynn RN, BSN, CCRC
Mason, Robert PhD Program Coordinator and Cell Science Core Director
McCahan, Suzanne PhD Assistant Research Scientist
Morlet, Thierry PhD Research Scientist
Nagao, Kyoko PhD Research Scientist
Napper, Andrew PhD Associate Director, Nemours Center for Childhood Cancer Research
Pennington, Chris MS Systems and Database Manager
Pugarelli, Joan
Rose, Carlos MD, CIP Rheumatologist
Sampson, Valerie PhD Assistant Research Scientist II
Shaffer, Thomas MSE, PhD Program Director and Principal Investigator
Sol-Church, Katia PhD Director – Biomolecular Core Lab
Sperle, Karen BS
Stets, Greg BSN, RN, MHA Associate Administrator – Nemours Biomedical Research
Stetson, Timothy
Stuart, Marie M.D. Hematology Research Director
Theroux, Mary MD Anesthesiologist
Tomatsu, Shunji MD, PhD Head – Skeletal Dysplasia Research Lab
Tsuda, Takeshi MD Physician – Cardiology
Yoo, Soonmoon PhD Senior Research Scientist