Pilot project leader, Valerie Sampson, Ph.D. receives Pediatric Cancer Foundation Grant

Valerie Sampson, Ph.D., Assistant Research Scientist II, has been awarded a Pediatric Cancer Foundation grant for her project entitled “The Evaluation of Dual ALK-IGF-1R Inhibition in Preclinical Models of Osteosarcoma Using Novel Prognostic Strategies to Overcome Resistance to Receptor Kinase Inhibition.” The focus of the project is to determine whether drugs that target both the anaplastic lymphoma kinase receptor (ALK) and the insulin-like-growth-factor-1-receptor (IGF-1R) have improved efficacy against osteosarcoma, a bone tumor that predominantly affects children and adolescents, when compared to drugs that only target a single receptor. Previous studies utilizing drugs that target IGF-1R have shown limited success in patients being treated during the advanced and metastatic phases of this disease. The dual targeting drugs have the potential to reveal a mechanism to help overcome drug resistance in osteosarcoma. This two year project will enable Dr. Sampson establish her laboratory and obtain data to support more substantial funding. Adapted from original article by Alyssa Byrnes, Nemours Editorial Services.